Financial Policy

Tampa Cardiac Specialists is committed to the success of your medical treatment and well-being. Payment of your medical bill is part of your treatment and care. Our office participates with numerous insurance companies. Please call our office to verify we are in-network with your insurance. We require you to show your insurance card(s) at every visit.

While we gladly bill your insurance companies for your services, it is important for the patient to be familiar with the guidelines of their insurance plan, requirements regarding authorizations, deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments. The entire amount of co-payment is due on the day of service. Our office will submit a claim to your Primary and Secondary insurance as a courtesy, but you are ultimately responsible for the payment, regardless of your insurance coverage. Should you have a third (tertiary) insurance plan, it will be your responsibility to submit those insurance claims. Please check with your insurance company for requirements.

If you are enrolled in an HMO that requires a referral, our office must have the referral prior to your appointment. If we do not have the referral by your appointment time, you appointment will be rescheduled for another day.

All charges determined to be your responsibility as stated by your insurance company shall be paid in full upon receipt of the first statement. Please notify the Billing Department if assistance is needed to meet your financial obligation. Patient balances past 120 days with no payment or payment arrangements will be turned over to a collection agency. In the event that we receive a returned check, a fee of $25.00 will be charged to your account, and payment in full is due upon receipt of your statement.

Tampa Cardiac Specialists strives to offer our patients excellent cardiac care and assist the patient to receive maximum benefits from their insurance plan.

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